Hello There!!!

Hi, I am new to blogging and I have personally been too intimidated to blog. I am a perfectionist and I tend to think of blogging as an expression of my personalality. I am very much aware that people use blogs for self promotion, lifestyles etc…, but I am not really into that. I’d like to keep it more personal at a diary level. That being said, I realize that you cant just open up to the world and unload your trash; because “they” are all watching me. “They” meaning every one including law enforcement (sorry , I am not a perv… but I still hate you.. always have), friends, teachers, parenty types etc.
I am sure that at the end of the day… I am neither kinkier, uglier or evil than the person next door (but you never know… right!!!)

Anyways, if you are wondering, everything about me is fake, just as fake as my fractured self. While you may never know my identity, everything I write flows from my inner being. I am sometimes male, sometimes female, sometimes irresponsibly evil, other times good to a fault. In other words I am what you dont want others to know about yourself

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About IamSin

I am the voice inside your head I am your deep dark fantasy I am the anger that you manifest I am your failure and your shame I am the lust in your eyes I am your vainglorious pride I paint your heart green with jealousy I am the greed that fills you with sorrow I make you the nothing that you are If any of the above sentiments resonates with you, perhaps you should confess it. Truth is, most of us confess our failures or pains to someone. Be it a priest, therapist or an accountability partner. Confession obliterates the power of failure, shame and pain. It liberates us. If you have a confession write to sethgofiger@gmail.com. Let the world know your pain and receive your healing. Your secret will always be safe with me (in fact, your messages will be deleted from my mailbox as soon as its published).

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