Nikita’s Has A Malignant Tumour #cancer


It was around this time, October, in 2007 that we first met them. The young mother with the two pigtail daughters, aged six and nine, respectively. Give or take a year, but there they were, the shy one and the extrovert. Nikita is the eldest and the introvert while Keisha is the ever-spontaneous extrovert. The two kids soon take to my wife Karen and I. They had an additional set of (grand)parents now.

One day, their daddy left home but never returned. They found him somewhere, dead. He had suffered a massive stroke. The kids were both broken but Nikita never really recovered. Her smile died with her Daddy.

Karen makes custom jewellery by hand and the two kiddies had a fair share over the past eleven years or so. Once, I went and bought specific miracle beads that I very much liked – and so did they. Karen made…

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I am the voice inside your head I am your deep dark fantasy I am the anger that you manifest I am your failure and your shame I am the lust in your eyes I am your vainglorious pride I paint your heart green with jealousy I am the greed that fills you with sorrow I make you the nothing that you are If any of the above sentiments resonates with you, perhaps you should confess it. Truth is, most of us confess our failures or pains to someone. Be it a priest, therapist or an accountability partner. Confession obliterates the power of failure, shame and pain. It liberates us. If you have a confession write to Let the world know your pain and receive your healing. Your secret will always be safe with me (in fact, your messages will be deleted from my mailbox as soon as its published).

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