nicotine cravings

For anyone quitting smoking,.. this seemed interesting enaugh

The Shaming Room : Pieces of me

Most places on the web say that your nicotine cravings will come and go after the first three days of quitting and it usually does not last for more than a few minutes.

Today is my 20th day and I am telling you, my cravings are at an all time high. Its been going on for more than a few hours now and there are no signs of it ebbing away. I have tried coffee, chewing gum, listening to music… but so far nothing seems to be working.

Not sure how long I can keep this fight up. So here I am trying to get past the breaking point by trying to write about it. I have been trying to quit for more than 30 years now, but frankly, I haven’t had a reason to quit. Sure.. I go out of breath quiet easily these days. I am very well…

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