Of men & beasts

Ever since I was young, I have wondered, what makes us different from animals? We say we can communicate  with each other, that we care for our young ones. We show empathy, love and anger. But, does that make us any different from an animal? In fact they are capable of showing much less the same to their own kind.

So then it makes sense; the theory of evolution is not so far fetched. The fact that we have so many things in common with animals, right down to our molecular structure!!!. Why do we hold on to the notion that we are different or special. I believe in the Bible, but I find that I am more or less at odds with the book of Genesis.

I am also reminded that Enoch walked with GOD. Therefore it is also likely that the first man Adam & Eve walked with GOD. Irrespective of whether this implied physically walking with GOD or walking in faith with GOD, It does imply a certain intimacy.   But what was it? Was it like the way we share time with our pets? Eating scraps from the table? Sleeping with us on our beds? These are  intimate moments? Yet it does not convey the same intimacy as walking with another person.

As I pondered, I heard David Jeremiah on the radio, he was talking about Isaiah 1:18;

“Come now, and let us reason together”

It was  a light bulb moment for me. Everything in the Bible suddenly made sense. We are different, not because we are more intelligent, not because we can sing melodious songs or because we can build rocket ships that can take us to the edge of the universe.

It all started on the day that GOD created us.  We are  different because we can tell right from wrong; that innate feeling of guilt that we cannot escape from when we wrong others. We  are different because we can reason with each other, because we were created in his image.

And so it wouldn’t be surprising if GOD walked with man in the Garden of Eden. He didn’t create a puppet. He created a person with whom he could have a relationship. A person that can be reasoned with.  A person who was free to choose to not abide by that relationship.

“I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made”: Psalm 139:14

We are indeed different, because we were created by a person who made it his will to know us intimately from the beginning of time to the end of it.




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