The Trump Card

President Trump, just did the unthinkable. He just made a statement that was purely trumpish…  he also garnered a significant populace behind him. All the Christians who were like  trumph…. blah… just got a rude wake up call ( that includes me). Any Bible believing christian would agree that this is not coincidence,  this is prophesy.

I have often disagreed with other Christians about the illegitimacy of Trumps president-ship ( not because he did something illegal, mostly because I think he won by fluke… and also because people voted against Clinton… because she seemed like a player),  his tomfoolery and his immature tweets. Now I have to reconcile that whether he is a fool or  “The President of America”, he is unequivocally GOD’s tool.

Trump just defined his presidency and by extension redefined the role that the US of A has to play on the world stage.

I think more than Trump, it’s a call towards Christians  to accept and embrace the prophesy foretold in revelations.

These are interesting times for sure….. I just hope that we will weather it with grace.




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