Woman born with facial deformity gets married in Anambra State (LOVE WINS)



I tell you if ladies put more effort in their character than in their looks. There will be better women. Beauty is not just exterior but mainly the inward man. You can be a slay queen. Have all the filtered photos online. Put it on every social media handle. At the end, the man will be more concern about the “inward beauty” rather than your beautiful face

Congrat to the couples. Godbless them

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5 thoughts on “Woman born with facial deformity gets married in Anambra State (LOVE WINS)

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      1. It’s the world we live in…

        Most are just shallow… and the only ones that can recognize this is the ones that were never being blessed with outer beauty…

        Because women are no better than men in this respect

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  1. As we walk closer to the Lord, and look to see with His eyes, we can start to focus on what is truly beautiful: 1 Samuel 16:7.


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