Law or Grace?

Upon the first day of the week let every one of you lay by him in store, as God hath prospered him.
1 Corinthians 16:2, KJV

Sometimes people say, “I don’t believe in tithing because we don’t live under the Law.” As Christians, we live under grace, and hallelujah for that! Does that mean we shouldn’t honor God with the first portion of our income?
In the Old Testament, specific giving was taught; in the New Testament, giving was sacrificial. In the Old Testament, giving was done by Law; in the New Testament, out of love. In the Old Testament, giving was an obligation; in the New Testament, it was an opportunity. In the Old Testament, giving was done by percentage; in the New Testament, by proportion, “as God has prospered” us. In the Old Testament, giving was a responsibility; in the New Testament, it’s a response.

The truth is, some Christians today are stuck at ten percent when they should be giving eleven percent, or fifteen, or twenty percent. But whatever we give, we shouldn’t do less under grace than under law.

Don’t let the law/grace debate erode your stewardship. Give as God has prospered you.

Almighty God has given me a home in heaven forever and ever. Why would I want to be miserly with Him?
David Jeremiah


5 thoughts on “Law or Grace?

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  1. We are created for his Glory and justified by faith not by the law. The law became dead when Christ died for our sin. For every one in Christ, we die daily. The Law is subject to us and not we subject to the law. If we are subject to the law, it means Christ death was nothing but farce. Great post.


  2. Percentage seems fair until you examine it carefully. Ten percent of a rich man’s income may mean little too him but then percent of a poor man’s may mean less food on the table. We might consider the widows mite which seem to suggest that even if we have next to nothing we should offer it up , generosity being all important not the amount. Perhaps the rules of the Kingdom of Heaven are not those of the Kingdoms of Earth , but if we apply the Old Testament ten percent then we support the earthly system.
    Joe Osteen has a congregation of over 50,000 and lives a lavish lifestyle , but he claims there is nothing wrong with this it is the blessing of the Lord.


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