Be In Charge of Your World

Some people say the world is a big place full of endless opportunities and breathe-taking adventures, only waiting to be explored by hearts hungry for excitement. Some people say the world is a small place, held closely bound by unlikely events, making it almost uncertain for you to know who you may meet just at around the next corner, while some think the world is just a creation of our imaginations, and these imaginations are sometimes sweet escape routes from harsh realities. Well, I think I pretty much fall into this third category.

Call me naïve or inexperienced, I still want to believe that the best way to live the kind of life you want is by creating the kind of world you have always imagined. Everything is possible from the moment you believe with your heart that what you have imagined in your head can be achieved no matter the harsh situation before your very eyes. Yes, looks can be deceiving, but the conviction that rests firmly at the bottom of your heart will take you places way beyond your initial imagination. The question is, are you ready to be responsible?

The earth, without form and full of loud chaos, with the possibility of remaining in the state of utter depressing confusion, underwent a revolutionary change because God the Father decided to act on his imaginations.

Imagining a world beautiful and peaceful, imagining a world wholesome and serene, though in the midst of catastrophes and blitzing disasters, he initiated a plan to create a world out from the depth of his imagination, not limiting himself to the confines of the harsh realities he saw, so thus, the ever powerful and earth creating proclamation sounded throughout, and even echoed from the far corners of the globe, “Let there be”. In all honesty, we need no soothsayer to tell us of the outcome of that proclamation, for we ourselves are products of his imaginations.

So likewise we, if our heavenly father saw it as his responsibility to fashion the world in the manner that reflects his personality, who he is and what he wants, we also ought to learn that in the midst of the noise and confusing chaos, we must take responsibility to create the kind of life we want, but first, we must have the will power to imagine.

This is what I like to call The Mental Shift of Self-Responsibility. Believe me, you are responsible for your world.

Wait a moment and take a deep breathe. Create an imagination of a life you want in your head. See yourself in the center of the world you are imagining. Imagine yourself on top of it all. Now ask yourself, “Is this what I want?” “Is the kind of life I want to live?” “Is this the world I need?” If no, then re-imagine the life you want. When you are done with that, congratulations, you just crossed the first step.

The next is your heart.

Do you believe that what you have imagined is capable of becoming a reality? Do you believe that what you have created in your head can actually exist? Do you believe that what you are dreaming of having is very much possible to possess? The next real question is how well do you believe it?

You see, it is not enough for us to just think and wait for it happen, it rarely does, if not never, happens like that, but what will create a momentum in this process of creation is the ability to convince your heart that you can have what it needs.

Believe me, the moment you can convince yourself that you need something, that is the moment you are ready to have it.

The eyes of the heart are more potent than the eyes of in the head, and the conviction in the heart of a man is more powerful than a preacher’s tale.

Once these two processes are completed, your willpower matters little in fulfilling your desires. It begins to feel like the God and the universe are working in your favor to give you what you want.

Yes, you may meet some bumps, but truthfully, you will hardly pay so much attention to it because your heart and your head are aligned towards the same thing, but first, you must be ready to take responsibility.

Only you can create the world you want, not another.

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4 thoughts on “Be In Charge of Your World

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  1. Appreciate your words. But I feel it is always easier said than done … I have realized a lot of things we hope from the world, but when it comes to us, we don’t give it in the same passion …

    But i think that’s what differentiates from people who have transcended the petty asks of life, and are destined to achieve greater things.

    Liked your post ! See more of you around here 🙂


    1. Thank you so much for your honest point. I must agree, it is quite easier said than done, most times, we are even the first to throw out through the window what we tell others, but if we must take responsibility for our lives, then we must learn how to be consistently focus on what we have believed. No doubt at all, it requires patience, dedicated commitment and a heart full of faith.

      See you around friend!

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