Thank You!!!

The delightful flowers
A multitude of colors
The fluttering butterflies
Brilliant blue skies
And morning sunrise
A feast for my eyes!
The bird’s that sing
They’ve no suffering
The majestic mountains
Grand among creations
The sound of the oceans
Relieves my tensions

Friends that care
When I despair
A brother’s dare
To stay in prayer
A carefree sibling
He is my darling
A dad who was strong
Through struggles that were long
A mom who encourages
Through life’s many stages
My beautiful children
They are my crown
A soul mate who loves
When all else fails

The broken promises
That robbed my happiness
But lessons that were taught
Though feelings were hurt
The God whose compassion
Are new every morning
These are the things
I am most thankful for!!!

-A poem by Maria Joseph

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