The Prodigal

An affluent man
He had two sons
The older would heed
Advises indeed
The younger didn’t care
He demanded his share
He got his estate
Tried to seal his fate

He squandered his resources
Turned to wrong sources
Became a drunkard
Whose walk was wayward
He followed his lusts
His wealth wouldn’t last
He served in a pig farm
Gone was his charm
His plight was awful
When the swines had their bowlful
He consumed their scraps

He remembered his father
Would be with him rather
Where food was abundant
But he’d been repugnant
He came to his senses
Filled with repentance
He hastened to his home
No more would he roam

His father caught a glance
From a distance
He ran to his darling
On his son, he put a fine ring
Around him, he wrapped his arms
His embrace was warm
He ordered his servants
Cloth my son in new garments
Kill a fattened calf
Life has been tough
Let’s throw him a feast
He’s been through worse

Such is the compassion
of our father in heaven
He lives the ninety-nine
in search for the lost one
So let all the prodigals
Indulge in the gospels
To experience salvation
And be free of damnation

-A poem by Maria Joseph

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