This poem is written from the perspective of a hard-working career woman, who is also a mom and feels like a slave having to cook, clean, shop and do all the chores aside from the work at her job and still not being able to relax her mind, since she is being blamed for being hooked on social media.  At this point, she is desperate to connect with friends and feels unloved and unappreciated and wants to rebel!

I feel stifled, suffocated
I’ve been defeated
No more will I tolerate
I need an advocate
If I drench myself in wine
Would it release me from pain?
I tried religion
But ended up with a legion
Anger, insomnia, and agony
Are some among the many!
Depression, my companion
Unceasing, it lurks on
Push me to the grave
I can’t pretend to be brave
I feel like a slave
Affection, I crave

I run like a horse
Doing all the chores
I don’t count my scores
I’m filled with remorse
Loneliness is shriveling
Though I have everything

Your love so passive
Yet, so possessive
I want to rise above the horizon
Fly away from this prison
I can’t quit socializing
Please stop harassing
It’s my way of relaxing
After long hours of toiling
So my loved ones can be fed
My feet are tired
Due to long hours of standing
You can go on ranting
But I’ve learned to ignore
I don’t care anymore!

Originally posted @ Ria’s Arts

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