Cast Away

Often we have an instant liking to someone or something, but later we find out that the object of our love is not all that we want it to be. So we ignore them or give it away to someone else. In this poem, the gem relates to a person or thing that you instantly liked, but later started disliking due to his/her behavior or characteristics. When people disappoint us, we shouldn’t ignore them, rather try to understand their circumstances and accommodate them. “Love covers a multitude of sins”.

On my table lay many a gem
I grabbed a beautiful one among them
I appreciated her for a while
Soon to find out she’s not in style
I ripped her open
To see what would happen
To my disappointment
I found her inconsistent
I cast her down
To the depths of the ocean
Not caring to hear her supplication
The gem was sad
But didn’t utter a word
She waited and waited
Till she finally realized
She was just an amusement
A time passing engagement
I loved her resplendence
But loathed her transparence
The gem found more admirers
They took away her remorse
She felt appreciated
Daily rejuvenated
Great was my relief
No more I need to deal with her grief!

Originally posted @ Ria’s Arts


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