The Cane

This is from the perspective of children who are raised in boarding schools who often lack the daily dose of affection from their parents and often times punishment by the wrong people makes them insecure which haunts them into their adulthood.

Like a wound, that festers
My mind wanders
Upon my childhood days, I ponder
My heart says, “Don’t go yonder”
But, I am inclined to leap
My mind nudges me to peep
Into those childhood years
Filled with tears and fears
How I longed for a hug
In my mom’s arms to be snug
To listen to my papa’s stories
More often to visit the beaches
To eat ice-cream with my brother
Those dreams were farther

Raised in a convent
None to see my lament
I felt abandoned
I wanted to abscond
The cane’s kisses
Nun’s abuses
Still fresh in my mind
They define, “unkind”
I can still feel the terror
My mind’s horror
When I see the cane
It would freeze my brain
I would cringe in pain
I’d go insane
Childhood was a nightmare
I don’t want to go there

At nights, I hid under the covers
Afraid to look out, fearing evil powers
At daytime, I shuddered of beatings
Wondering when the cane would come with a greeting
There was none to console me
None to tell me, “It’s okay!”
None to shower me with confidence
None to pamper me with love
Shame was my bestie
My sibling, insecurity
The nails of nuns deep in my skin
Due to pain, I‘d raise my chin
It would bruise me purple
I abhorred those people
Clad in white gowns
They never heard my groans!

Originally posted @Ria’s Arts

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