He gave his best
He toiled without rest
To make ends meet
So his dear ones could eat
But he took to extremes
Didn’t hear her screams
She was crying inside
Wanted him beside
Her changes in mood
Was due to her childhood
She was an orphan
Who craved for love often
She got frustrated
Her desires not satiated
She lived up to her name
Serenity was her game

But one day, she exploded
Their relation had corroded
They were not in accord
She wanted to break the cord
The law was in her favor
She got to keep her baby dear
He felt isolated
His efforts unappreciated
After twelve long years
He left them with tears

Her fibs had caused friction
Her ambition led to tension
He was heartbroken
Filled with indignation
His sorrow inconsolable
His pain intolerable
Upon reminiscing the past
He felt he came last

The love of a mother
An angel like sister
Kept him alive
They taught him to strive
He learned to survive
He didn’t care for fame
He fulfilled his name
He got on his feet
Didn’t accept defeat
In his brokenness
He trusted in God’s faithfulness
He saw God’s providence
And built up his confidence

He got respect in his career
Success in his endeavors
Happily, he lives his life
Free of strife
Though he is alone
Joy is his crown!

Originally posted @ Ria’s Arts

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