A butterfly’s discourse

This poem is written from the perspective of a butterfly, but also could relate to a woman who feels that she is loved only for her looks, but not for the person that she is…..

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You say you know me

It’s a hyperbole

The stark reality

Overwhelming morbidity

Cuts short my life

Pierces like a knife

Beauty so vain

Caused me much pain

I know you well

You loved me for my beauty

Not for who I was

You only saw my beautiful colors

I fluttered along and sipped on flowers

I was a caterpillar that fed on a leaf

Then, I went through some grief

Being stuck in a cocoon

Without seeing the moon

Inside the cocoon, I became a beauty

That gave delight to many

You tried to seize me

But my wings were a boon

Having shades of maroon

They let me escape the snares in the noon

I still cause a few hearts to swoon!

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