October bloom

I read a poem written by a friend about her longing for her lover and her story inspired me to write this one!

All I want is for YOU to stay with me no matter how hard it is

Sweet is the wait

To see her play mate

She fancies a paradise

Far from world’s cries

In that paradise, she longs to be

Rested on his chest, judgement free

There’s no pointing fingers

There, his fragrance lingers

The smell of his perfume

Circulating in that room

There, they share a drink

Not having twice to think

He fancies a boat ride

From the crowd they’d hide

No more October gloom

With joy, their hearts bloom

Their souls soaring to heights

Though love wouldn’t materialize

They soothe their worries

Creating fond memories

For their hearts to nourish

Something sweet to cherish

They’re best friends forever!

If they had a life to share

She’d be the yeast in his bread

Blue cheese fermented

Wine, bubbling red!

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