For the longest time in my life, I was addicted to sugar.  This poem is about my sweet tooth.  Sugar is one of the things I can’t live without…. I know too much of it would kill me, so setting a limit would be the best option for me to be happy.

I am not falling for you again

Not making you an obsession

Your sweetness won’t rattle me anymore

Though it may make my moods soar

As times went by, I realized

Your absence makes me feel depressed

Too much of you will poison me

It creates havoc like a roaring sea

I got addicted to you with the first touch

More of you may hurt me much

Hence, I am taking charge of myself

To my yearnings, I turn deaf

I am not breaking any more rules

I don’t want to be in the list of fools

I hate the idea of letting you go

I don’t want you to be my foe

You will always be dear to me

Much indulgence may make you an enemy

I want you to be a part of my life

But not to the point that it may cause grief

I do enjoy your sweetness

It makes me feel like a princess

But it may eventually turn bitter

So setting a limit would be better!


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