Embers of love by Maria Joseph

This poem is about a married woman who fell in love with her friend who helped her raise her self esteem when she was feeling low. Later, she realizes that she is wrong and tries not to nourish the love and passion she feels for her friend. She remembers her husband’s devotion and decides to be a virtuous wife who is done with foolish games.

Flames of passion fade
True love invades
Raging waves of desire
Set on a pyre
She descended the ladder
Her heart is not on a roller coaster
She will be true to her love
Don’t reignite the embers and set her aflame
Don’t persuade her to ascend the steps
Don’t blow the winds to cause more waves
If she falters, she will be doomed
By guilt, she will be consumed

Still embedded in her mind
Is her true love’s devotion
She needs a potion
To heal the painful emotion
No one she blames
She’s done with foolish games
No more climbing ladders
Her heart shudders
At the thought of falling down
She doesn’t want to lose her crown

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