Sour like a lime

This is the cry of a married woman who left her country and dear ones to be with her sweetheart. But as years went by, she realizes she was lonely at heart despite her desparate measures to keep herself busy to avoid loneliness and depression.

You accused me of not trying

You didn’t see me crying

I needed a companion

Who delighted in a conversation

And treated me like a darling,

You didn’t see my tears rolling

You gave me everything, but your time

I turned sour like a lime

I’ve felt lonely since twenty three

For you, I left my country

Gave up my dear ones to be with you

But you were busy with grants review

I know not what to say

You ignored my cries of dismay

Many a time, I would find a new passion

And go mad with a new obsession

But crafts, cooking and gardening

Didn’t end my silent groaning

I almost lost my heart elsewhere

You didn’t seem to care

When I was in despair

I looked to you for support

But from my dear ones, I derived comfort

I clung to them tight

Even though they were out of sight

They’ve made my life exquisite

We chat for long

Make each other strong

Don’t get me wrong

It’s a love that will last long

As long as we breathe

Don’t be jealous or grind your teeth

They’re just family and friends

There’s no need of any penance!

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