Blade of betrayal

Sometimes, we take great pains in serving god, but to our disappointment, we are faced with trials or diseases over which we have no control and we feel like we were betrayed by god even though we took great pains to serve him.  Not realizing that we don’t deserve anything, we blame him for our circumstances, that at present may seem like a punishment.  We forget Romans 8:28 in which he says, “God works all things together for good for those who love him and are called according to his purpose.”

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The pain was debilitating

Faith started deteriorating

When I heard the diagnosis

I needed an oasis

To soothe my anxiety

A hide out from society

Felt like a necessity

I chose to be in a state of denial

My trials were only trivial

I felt like a daughter of Belial

Sharp was the blade of betrayal

I had tried to be faithful

Was God being spiteful?

When I was afflicted with pain

I drifted to a different terrain

His vindication pushed me into an abyss

I longed to have a feel of bliss

I didn’t know who to blame

I failed to uphold his name

I started reflecting on the cross where he died

Between man and god, was a growing divide

But Christ took a stance

To change our circumstance

He opened my eyes

Stopped me from believing lies

He bore my punishment unto death

Suffered until his last breath

He became my debt canceller

And sent me his counselor

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