Bottle of tears

Psalm 56:8 tells us “God collects our tears in a bottle”. It was a disappointment when my first love who I was supposed to be married to backed out through no fault of mine. My dreams were shattered and shame overtook me…. It still hurts a bit, when I think about it, but God granted me the strength to carry on despite the hurts…..

My bottle of tears overflows

I wish you beautiful tomorrows

Though I can’t be a part of it

My face will be brightly lit

When you find your best fit

Knowing that she will bring you delight

You became distant to undo the damage

I felt like a rotten cabbage

The stench of guilt haunted me long

The weight of sorrow was too strong

My heart had embraced a pack of lies

Maybe it was time to sever the ties

Even though I couldn’t be in your space

How I longed to see your face

Like a parched throat searching for water

Though we had stopped the chitter-chatter

My affection for you wouldn’t alter

I felt an uncanny bonding to you

It was an affection out of the blue

No, it wasn’t lust, but only pure love

This feeling of emptiness, you’ll never know

My longings will be unknown to you

Unlike before, I won’t cry and pursue

But deep inside, I died each day

If only, I could have had my way

My heart’s weeping was incessant

I needed a potion to be pleasant

If we ever cross paths, please don’t ignore

My emotions are contained, I’ve shut the door

God has promised to collect my tears

As long as life endures

May there be an end to your strife

I wish you the very best in life

I’ve been blessed with the finest of spouses

I didn’t care for riches or houses

My great reward was a peaceful life

My darling regards me as a prudent wife!

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