Sis Love

Sometimes, we develop strong friendships and become too dependent on friends for our happiness and seek their affection, ignoring the love from our own family. Love between friends can only be divine and pure and never possessive and demanding, which causes arguments and fights. The Bible says, “there is a friend who sticks closer than a brother”. The genuine or authentic friend is someone who sticks closer than a brother. One who finds a friend like this is indeed blessed.

I am not crazy anymore

I was in a frenzy before

It was just utter confusion

I was missing a vitamin fusion

Gone are my sleepless nights

There won’t be any more fights

My love for you is divine

Beautiful like the morning sunshine

You’ll always be dear and near to my heart

Hopefully, we’ll never grow apart

I am a renewed person now

This, I want you to know

I choose to walk in the light

Be my family’s delight

One day, be the bride of Christ

Be clothed in garments white

I’ll be the sister you never had

I hope this should make you glad

I will cover you with my prayers

May god comfort you in all your cares

My affection for you will remain forever

You are dear to me like a brother!


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