There are times in your life, you backslide and lose your devotion to god and family, the ones that love you the most. Instead of spending time with them, you end up with a misconception that social media will meet your emotional needs. Finally, I understood that social media had become an idol in my life I asked the Lord to heal and forgive me and his counselor helps me to stand strong.

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My heart was deceived

Wrongly, I perceived

Many things were uttered

That left me flattered

At times, I felt shattered

I had clung to a misconception

That devoured my devotion

I surrendered to the Lord

My heart, I poured

I received a healing

I’m gladly revealing

My counselor strengthens

When my flesh weakens

He guides me with his word

I take his sword

He won’t let me be devoured

There’s no more condemnation

Nor fear of damnation

The enemy prowls around

But, his angels do surround

I need not be afraid

With his word as my shield

The truth was revealed

I took the armor of god

To deflect the arrows being shot

He sent his army

To defeat the enemy

I am his beloved daughter

I take no offense in the torture

I am filled with his joy

Like a little boy

I have no more cares

I know he hears my prayers

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