This is about one of my girl friends who is married. She met someone who guided and supported her in struggles. She developed a strong love for him as a friend and a bit confused as to the nature of this love, though she is sure that her husband is still her true love.

She tries to extinguish the flames in her heart

He had mastered the art

Of making her burn with passion

By professing his affection

It was probably just an infatuation!

She fell for his alluring words

In his thoughts, she would immerse

A day with him, she dreams

For a glance of him, her heart screams

She longs to wrap her arms around him

Would she listen to her heart’s whim?

Only time would tell

If his actions would compel

Such manifestations of love

To be expressed by her

Herself, she blames

For all her shames

Much pain, she takes to extinguish the flames!

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