How To Make Intelligent Growth

The Introduction

Change might be inevitable, but growth is optional. Growth is intentional and must be done intelligently.

Godsfavour Ezekiel

The Introduction

As we witness the advancement of time, it is commonly expected that an individual grow alongside with it, but this is what we have come to understand, growth is intentional, not accidental.

Often times we have been taught that situations and challenges makes us who we are or changes us into who we are meant to be, and for too long we have been looking for those life changing or transforming moments that finally gets to unveil us to ourselves, as if we are helpless in understanding the things we are capable of. But here is the problem with this ideology, it unconsciously strips away from us our power to proactively design for ourselves the kind of situation we want to face, the kind of person we want to be, and only allows us to react when we find ourselves in the midst of circumstances. This ideology teaches us that we can only grow by the magnitude of effects we get from a situation, and that we have no business in deciding how an event changes us or shapes us.

But this is so wrong, absolutely so wrong.

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