How To Make Intelligent Growth

The 1% of the successful people on earth don’t live by this limiting ideology, they live by a different rule and that is what I intends to share with the series of posts to follow.

To react or to proactively design.

This is the thing, in order to grow we can’t always live by reacting to situations, hoping one heartbreak or business failure or bankruptcy teaches us some important lessons about life. We can’t always hope to become better only after facing one draining challenge. We can’t keep waiting to stumble upon growth like it is some lost item waiting to be found. In order to grow, we must be conscious of our desire and need to grow. We must be conscious of the efforts and steps we are taking in our journey of proactively designing the kind of growth we want to experience.

Change might be inevitable, but growth is optional. Growth is intentional and must be done intelligently. This will involve you deliberately setting yourself up for growth rather than waiting for it to happen to you. I know it may sound too cliché like some motivational speech-ish, but I promise you, this is life in its practical form. If it hasn’t been done, I wouldn’t bother sharing it with you at all, but because I have seen and experience it firsthand, how we can totally change the dynamics of our growth, that is why I totally and sincerely believe that we can choose how we want to grow and which area of our lives we really desire to see improved drastically.

Understand this completely, I am not trying to dispute the fact that sometimes in life we are going to find ourselves in situations that totally takes us unawares, and it will be required from us to step up to these challenges, of course we will encounter plenty of those. In fact, the beauties of this life is embedded in its uncertainty, but believe me when I say that it will be total foolishness to sit back and wait for the unknown to happen to you. The uncertainty of life doesn’t mean that we are powerless to the wits and charms of nature, hell no, rather it amplifies the very strength we posses in creating processes and environments that will set us up to produce what we want the most.

Listen, the goal is to focus on what we can control and not on what we can’t control. So I am not going to lie to you by saying, you can create the future or that you can create the end, no, you can’t because you have no power to create tomorrow, but you set processes and environments that will set you up for the desired results you seek to own.

Here is what I believe, man was built to thrive on uncertainties; the more we know less about an outcome, the better our chances of creating what we want to know. What this mean is that, in us lies this limitless power in deciding who we want to be, how we want to respond to situations, how an event changes us, how we want others to see us, we possess these power. So it is left to us to decide how we want to grow and where we want to grow. We can create situations that will demand us to act 10X than our current capacity. We can create situations that cause us to move in a different circle, learn new things and experience life differently.

Of course we can.

You can’t stumble upon success if you don’t deliberately involve yourself in a process, so likewise growth. You can’t stumble upon growth if you consciously plan to grow. When I talk about success, I am not talking about waking up to a pile of cash at your front door, because even if that mysteriously happens, without you having the capacity to handle opportunities like that, you will definitely return to the same spot you were before you had that cash. So whatever you define success to be for you, if you don’t consciously set up a process or an environment for this, you will never have exactly what you want.

So in order to grow, you must be deliberate and intentional about it. And in order to be better, you must grow intelligently. Take advantage of life uncertainties and make the most out of it. You may not have the power to create the future, but you have the power to create situations that will demand you to be better than what you are presently.

Like the famous historian Will Durant once said about his famous book, The Story of Civilization, “I think the ability of an average man will be doubled if it were demanded….if situation demanded it”

See you around!

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