Perfection. The Birth of a Beautiful Lie

If you can stop whatever you are doing now and look at yourself in a mirror, I would like to show you something. Or perhaps, if you can look at something that reflects your image back at you, I would like you to see something.

Tell me, what do you see? What can you say about what you see?

Do you see a broken image held together by imperfections and ugly flaws or do you see something else? Do you see an identity you have struggled to accept and live with because there was once a voice that made you doubt it? What do you see?

For so long the world has been ruled by an idea, ‘no one is perfect’, and for so long we have believed this beautiful lie that we are all broken in some way.
It baffles me a lot when people say being perfect is impossible. Sometimes I stop to wonder why we think so low of ourselves. Is this an act of humility or an act of fear? Is it a sign of courage appearing weak and vulnerable or just pure stupidity?

I wonder why we live with the notion that attaining perfection is impossible, and if any should declare himself to be perfect and complete, the world concludes that person to be superfluous or proud. Is the idea of being imperfect the acceptable standard everyone must adopt? If it is, who the hell made this ridiculous standard or sold us this broken idea?

Honestly, I really don’t understand us as humans and why we dedicate so much time and effort in believing and propagating the idea that there is something inherently wrong with us.

Oh! I think I know. It is because we truly don’t know who we are, and are unconsciously afraid of what might be demanded of us if we believe any other thing apart from what we have been taught to believe. And that is a problem. Our problem.

Let me tell you of our original sin.

It’s funny how we think we are the creators of the values and principles that govern our lives today. In all honesty, the values and principles we hold dear today are not values we created by ourselves for ourselves. But these values are judgments, assertions, beliefs, and decisions created by other people, our parents, religious leaders, politicians, and historians. These values were created based on their own thoughts and experiences, and are being passed down to coming generations as guiding principles. Very few of what we call our truth today is crafted from our own personal experiences, and these experiences are exactly why we are on earth. So if you consider keenly, you will realize that the beliefs and principles, practically all of us, hold today have been crafted by the experiences of those before us. . I was speaking to a friend and I asked her why she believes in God. Her answer was that she was born in a Christian family, so that environment had molded her and her mind to what it is today. Everything in her environment sold an idea, and kept pointing to and reinforcing the beliefs and values she now has about God. She said, “If I were born in a different environment, maybe my belief would have been different.” Truthfully, her answer mirrors exactly the same pattern of our lives. We have allowed ourselves to become who we because of the experience of others.

We are too afraid to challenge what has been before we came, so we unconsciously ask ourselves, ‘who are we to fight or change that which has been before now?’
But who are you not to? Must we believe every idea that has been ruling people without having to experience them for ourselves? Must we accept and conform to the reality of another? When do we get to believe based on our own experiences? When do we create our own principles from how we experience life?

This is our greatest sin – not thinking and deciding for ourselves. And so with every day that passes, it becomes increasingly difficult to remain authentic about who we are. We can lie to ourselves all we want that we are nothing but our own experiences, but if we are really truthful, we will recognize that what we believe about ourselves is based on other people’s experiences and opinions. These opinions are what form the knowledge we have about ourselves. And so we go on with life, bending fit in with the ideas that exist.
Hell, no wonder many of us are internally depressed.

So I ask us again, who told us we are imperfect?

Have we looked at the mirror lately? I don’t think so, and if we have, I don’t think we are doing enough of it. If we have, how come then can we not realize that we are the most magnificent, most beautiful, most remarkable and most outstanding persons to ever live? How can we not see that? How can we not see that we were deliberately and delicately crafted into who we are for the particular purpose of expressing and experiencing who we are? How have we accepted the blind notion that there is an aspect of ourselves that is ugly and unworthy to be seen and loved? This broken mentality forms the basis of how we see ourselves, and it also hinders our capacity to function fully. This existing lie creates an idea that there is someone out there who is more perfect than us.

It breaks my heart to see us call a part of our selves as flaws and somewhat irredeemable. It breaks my heart to see us go about with the broken mentality of having a broken image when instead, we are the most complete individuals to ever be.

But really, how have we come to believe we are miles short of perfection? How have we come to accept this beautiful lie?
This is because we didn’t decide our ruling principles by ourselves. We came and met something on ground and we believed it.

I believe it is time to change the way we see ourselves, I believe it is time to do away with this flawed mentality.

First thing first, forget everything you know.

Just for a moment, forget everything you think you know, everything you think you believe in, everything you think is your principle. Forget everything and start with the one simple thing, ‘forgive yourself and accept you are now, not the idea of who you might be or should be later.” This takes away the unnecessary belief that something is wrong with you, and the pressure of always trying to fill a void in your life, because you know what, you are complete.

Embrace this new idea and let it guide you – ‘You are already complete. You are already perfect. So start expressing yourself as one.’

See, the moment you change the way you look at a thing, you change the way you are affected by it. I have come to understand, a man will only act according to the knowledge he has about himself because knowledge is strength.

So do away with the idea that you are an imperfect being trying to attain perfection. You are not trying to attain any perfection because you have already been perfectly made to function as who you are. Everything about you was made to represent the expression of who you are. You are supposed to experience yourself as who you are and who you want to be.

Sit your butt down for God’s sake and create yourself in the image you want to be seen. Decide who you are, decide how you want to be seen and addressed. Decide the kind of circle you want to have, decide which way you want your life to grow. Without design, life is erratic. So take your time to decide. You have the power to create yourself in any image you so desire, you have the power to live as you have designed. You are complete.

After creating, now it is time to express yourself as you are. It is up to you to function in the capacity of how you see yourself. If you keep seeing yourself as imperfect and incomplete, you will always do things from that point of view. But if you see yourself as the most complete and the most magnificent person, you will act from that superior knowledge. This is the way to change your life.

Change how you see yourself.

You have no weakness, you have no major strength. Everything in you was crafted for a reason, an event and a time. Your so-called bad character or attitude is there for a reason. Every aspect of you was crafted so you can express and experience who you are. If you choose to change any aspect of yourself, do so because it no longer represents the image you want to experience and express, and not because it is bad.

Why will you call a part of yourself bad? Why?

Is it because someone told us we can never be complete and we accepted that idea as the truth? Or we told ourselves that there is a part of us that is bad or not good enough? Did we classify some aspect of our lives as strengths and others as weaknesses? Do we constantly see these so-called weaknesses as hindrances to perfect life? How can we do this to ourselves? How can we be our own enemy?

I tell you, this is the most foolish thing we have ever done as humans.

There is nothing good, and there is nothing bad in itself except what you call it to be.
So what do you call good, what do you call bad? What do you say is right and what do you say is wrong? What do you say is okay and not okay? I tell you, all of these things are nothing but products of your imagination. You decide how you see yourself.

Now I have come to understand that evil is not bad, neither is good any better.
We label a thing as evil because it doesn’t go well with how we feel, and we say something is good because of how it tickles our fantasies or matches our desire, but what I have come to understand is that both Evil and Good are the same thing, they only exist on opposite sides of the same wavelength, how we feel about them. Hence how we feel creates our reality.

We see “evil” as bad because it contradicts our feelings and emotions, and we see “good” as better because it somehow conforms to an idea we approve. We label a thing as evil and bad because the circumstances by which it occurs does not go down well with how we feel, neither do the results match the lofty expectations we had in mind. And then we say something is good and better when everything seems like they are falling into place. But I have come to realize, as mentioned earlier, nothing is good, and nothing is bad. It all comes down to what you imagined it to be. A heartbreak can be a beauty in disguise, a job appointment could be a blockage to a bigger opportunity. Chaos and conflicts could be the very thing needed to create individuals with foresight and ability to inspire others, while peace and prosperity could create monsters. Or everything could be the opposite. It all comes down to how to see these events. The way you see these events determines the way you are affected by it.

So Evil and Good are different parts of the same whole, for both cannot exist without the other. In what you call good exist the presence and the capacity for that thing to become evil. (Talk for another day).

So your so-called weaknesses and strengths exist in the realm of your imagination. Change the way you see yourself and you change the way you act to express and experience who you are.

So I ask, when do we think for ourselves? When do we make our own truths according to our experiences? When do radically gain independence from what we have been taught to believe? When do we question everything we have not crafted by ourselves?
I have no problem with what anyone believes, my only concern is, you having an experience for what you believe. It will be a huge stupidity to live your life in the shadows of another man’s idea. I believe it is time to experience life for ourselves in the way we want to express it.

I am perfect, so are you. I am complete, so are you. And it is upon this strength – the knowledge I have about myself – I act and live.


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