Bye bye tears

Naomi's tose

When my nights greet me with despair

I turn it into a prayer

When the dark clouds fill my soul

My tears, like rain, God collects in a bowl

When sin colors my heart black like a panther

I cling to scriptures as my anchor

Heart feels at peace, anxieties fade

To unbelieve the lies, my heart, I persuade

To avoid vain thoughts, my mind, I dissuade

Unto the Lord, all my burdens I laid

He absorbed my heart ache

Sorrows were cast into a lake

Under the waters, it would submerge

When I vascillate from God, dark clouds emerge

Followed by a rain that clears the skies

I await the day, when tears leave my eyes

When there’ll be no more cries

No pain, no sorrow, only joy

Eternity with my Lord, I’ll enjoy!

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