My First Love

I wrote this for my dad’s 4th death anniversary.

I remember the times

We played with the tides

How as a child I used to fight

To sleep by your side, hugging you tight

Though I was dear

You didn’t insist I should be near

Bade me farewell to a foreign land

So my life would be grand

I remember the times

We’d watch late night movies

We ate sweets stealthily

Fearing mom’s reprimands

Still, you satisfied my demands

You bought me stylish outfits

Loved to see me in boots

The candies and sundaes

Added to our fun days

I remember the sweet kisses

We exchanged on birthdays

I remember the long hugs

At the airports, when we said good byes

I remember your strength

In the face of many trials

Unshakable faith immersing in prayers

In God’s hands, you placed your cares

Without shedding any tears

Showing no fears

Four years have passed

Since you’ve been gone

My heart longs for you

I see you in my dreams

You were my first love

My pride and my courage

I remember our last hug

When you lay in a hospital bed

You knew it was final good bye

Perhaps, that’s why you held on to me

I’m so blessed that you taught me my prayers

That ensures protection from all the snares

Not a day goes by, without you on my mind

You were the best, you were one of a kind

My sweetest Papa, how I miss you!

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