A faithful companion

Tears rolling down my cheeks

A true friend, my heart seeks

I turn to social media

To pacify unending loneliness

This state of hopelessness

Coupled with helplessness

Demolishes my soul

Wreaks havoc in my heart

Having possessed everything

Why does it feel like something is missing?

There remains a void

My heart, disgruntled

I try to lull my sorrows

A life of solitude and discouragement

It feels like a confinement

I want to bid farewell

Gone are the days when I used to feel special

Now just a maid remains in me, and pain so brutal

I feel like a used rag

There’s nothing left to brag

I wish for a friend

Who would stay by my side,

Wipe my tears,

Hug me tight,

And say, Its alright,

I am there for you

But that is a dream yet to come true

I wish I could find the solution

For this inconsolable depression

It haunts me like a devil

Makes me feel evil

At times, my greatest desire is “death”

How blessed I will be, on that day

When I join my fathers in heaven

Be free of this excruciating pain

The intensity of which I can’t explain

It feels like a dagger in my heart

Bombarding me with thoughts of suicide

Sleep is so scarce

Since I have too many cares

Pills, wine, all a hoax

I want to have some talks

There’s no one to see my remorse

Of this pain, what is the source?

I tried to confess my sin

Jesus, please eradicate this pain

I pray this dragon to be slain

But, rain or shine

This pain, such a faithful companion!


  1. The book is nearly done…please share the media like this podcast to the many as i cannot do it..ironically because if some of what and who I wrote about in Don’t Label My Kid!
    There were many many even hundred people like yourself who shared every post that I wrote about this Castle thing even when there was no evidence they believed me and I want them to see the ending now the book is almost done it all over I have the evidence and it’s just a matter of letting them know in the public media know and the book out to the publisher it’s I want those people including you and everybody and WordPress you shared everything I wrote about that and how to promote it and get the word out because they need they deserve this is just a couple months ago but it’s a recent podcast interview I did I did I 10 or 20 different places about this leading up to it but they may have taken my blog down but they can’t take the results of what happened from being shared if you’re willing



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