Like heavy down pours

I wept behind closed doors

When you parted with me

I felt so crummy

My heart ached like never before

The fear of loneliness, I couldn’t ignore

I tried hard to control my tears

If you had heard my heart’s whispers

You’d never try to distance me so

The fondness in my heart continued to grow

Time with you, like a dessert, delectable

You were inherently amicable

Some day you’ll see through my lens

That I was not talking nonsense

When I said, “my love was divine”

Your love could never equal to mine

Without me, you’d do just fine

But in your absence, I lost my shine

I’m sorry, I shouldn’t whine

You came along and began to pamper

I am a doll who wouldn’t falter

If only I could just give you a hug

If only I could just listen to my heart’s tug

I let you go, as per your wish

But I felt like a broken dish

Like a torn shoe of no use

I think I became an eccentric recluse

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