Miss you, baby!

I miss you baby

Without you l feel crabby

I want this boredom to deplete

It’ll end when we meet

These days, I don’t want to be home

When I enter my room

It feels like a cloud of gloom

I am a flower waiting to bloom

I think of you

When I do the dishes

My joy diminishes

When I recline and look to my side

I reminisce on the day I became your bride

How I was your pride

Together we enjoy a beautiful ride

And finally, when my chores are done

And I wish to have fun

To whom shall I run?

I think of you when I play with my son

I think of you through the watches of the night

I can’t sleep tight

Until I am held in your arms

And taken by your charms

I long for your touch

I love you so much

I miss the warmth of your feet

Even when they are covered by a sheet

I miss your kiss behind my ears

When I am struggling with my shears

Come back to me baby

I need a hug, my darling hubby!

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