Rolling in the mud

A Rhinocerous cannot sweat due to lack of sweat glands so they roll around the mud to cool themselves off. While they look extremely tough, their skin are actually pretty sensitive to sunburns. Rolling in mud is another way of getting parasites off their skin.

Why do I attach like a leech?

Why are you sweet like a peach?

Why do you commit a breach?

By making yourself hard to reach

Sinking in a sea, I try reaching for the shore

But you choose to ignore

When winds are boisterous

You roll in the mud like a rhinocerous

Maybe you’re trying to be tough

Was I a cigar to trash after a puff?

Or a parasite that you couldn’t scratch off

At my complaints, you may scoff

But I’m a bee who can sting and bite

When I feel rejected, I pick a fight

And your patience reaches the roof

I dislike it when you stay aloof!

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