For my darling husband who stuck by me for the last 24 years…..

Friends come and go

But you are my true hero

The warmth you gave me over the years

How you upheld me in my fears

Never failing to wipe my tears

Faithfully without switching gears

The smiles and laughters we share

How for me, you truly care!

The inside jokes that make us giggle

You tolerate me though I am fickle

You lay me on a bed of roses

Showering me with love in daily doses

Together we carried our crosses

And gained strength in our losses

Though you are wise, you seek my insight

You are dear to me as Solomon to Shulamite

Like the fragrance of a night jasmine

The scent of your love, refreshing, yet genuine

Like the flowers that bloom in the spring

With your presence, immense joy you bring

Though I am dubious, you constantly reassure

That I am the love of your life, your valued treasure!

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