Sweet Relish

Capturing my girl friend’s feelings when she felt ignored by some one too dear to her. Friendship love can feel sweet or tart depending on one’s circumstances.

Love is like sweet relish

It leaves memories in the heart

A mixture of sweet and tart

Sweet moments we cherish

From our minds, they don’t depart

Sour memories bring anguish

They stick to the heart like a wart

Love is like a rainbow

With an array of colors

It decorates the soul like a ring on the toe

It comes in many flavors

Each unique in its own way

When love takes the back bench

It’s like a tooth in decay

The pain and the stench

For some time may stay

Love is like a symphony

Its beautiful when there’s harmony

If not played right, it creates a cacophony

This is just my testimony

You can nurture it like a peony

Or simply land in agony!

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