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I don’t really like to talk about myself, but I do enjoy writing off and on. The blog is called curryNcode, because I am a Foody and by profession a so-called Techy ( but let’s not go there).  I like to describe myself as someone with a penchant for the dramatic. So I like to create drama around myself…. not in a selfish, narcissistic manner, but more like drawn to tragedy.

Declaimer: The views expressed on this site are solely mine or that of other contributors to the site. Images have been used from the net. If it violates any copyright infringement, please let me know so that I can remedy the situation. No intent was made to expressly violate copyright laws.

UPDATE (2017-11-05):
I started blogging to overcome a compendium of different issues ranging from addiction to depression. In my experience, this blog has helped me more than all of the counselling I have had in my life. I like to think that I am more aligned with the straight and narrow path. There was a time in my life when I could never imagine being a good Christian. Now I would like to relate my experiences and offer a helping hand to people who are following the same footsteps as mine.

My blog is @ http://www.curryncode.wordpress.com


My sister uses this blog off and on to write poems. You can find her poems @ https://curryncode.com/author/riajnt/.  She took to blogging after rebuking me a million times on spilling my guts to the public. Well, she just joined the bandwagon too…

A dated pic of me and my sis

An even more dated picture from college 🙂


85 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Thank you for following Freedomborn , I will look forward to sharing with you on both our Blogs .

    Being a Grannie Annie I have seen much good and bad in this World and yes some who have been hurt are understanding and kind to others but some hold onto bitterness and resentment and seek revenge and this is like Cancer it eats away all the goodness in them.

    Blessings – Anne.

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    • I received Prashant the notification below from WordPress on Sunday, 25 September 2016 11:54 PM, I will send you a copy if wanted but if are you saying that you never joined up with my Blog Freedomborn and this the same with Spearfruit ? you better contact WordPress and ask why they are deceiving other Bloggers by claiming that you chose to follow them when you didn’t, please let me know what they say, perhaps this happens with others whom they also claim chose to follow us when they didn’t.

      Notification from WordPress…..
      Prashant Thomas just started following you at http://freedomborn.wordpress.com. They will receive an email every time you publish a post. Congratulations.

      You might want to go see what they’re up to! Perhaps you will like their blog as much as they liked yours!

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  2. What did you think I meant Prashant ? and as I asked you before ….. how could you have thought I was a Spammer if you chose to join up with Freedomborn and how and why did you decide to follow my Blog if you needed to ask before “how do u join the freedom born and what is it??”

    Regards – Anne.

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  3. Thank you for following Distinguishing Truth. I see from a post that you wrote yesterday that some things have been very difficult in your life. Please feel free to contact me through that site. I would love to hear from you!

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  4. I saw a comment from you on my blog “Lillith’s Landing,” and I tried to respond, but the system just totally deleted your comment from my page, before I could write it. But it indicated that it had sent the comment from me anyway. So I’m not sure what happened or if you’ll get a reply from me, but if you do, just know that I didn’t actually send a reply yet. I did intend to thank you for your compliment on my pictures and for following my site. So I’ll thank you now.

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  6. Hello! A Life Less Ordinary. That is a quest worth pursuing. I enjoyed several of your poems.If it takes melancholia to inspire them that is a hard creative process but one known to many creative artists. Thank you for adding Horse Addict to the blogs you follow.

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  7. May I say that I love the simple fact that you’re in a technology-based job and write poetry on your blog? One of my biggest pet peeves is the myth that people are either creative/art-or-language-skilled or technology/math-skilled. I honestly believe it’s a stumbling block to kids if they are told that as they learn and grow. Love seeing living examples that a person can be both! 🙂

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    • I am glad you asked… Actually it takes a lot of creativity to write software programs, but having said that, it’s not necessarily the same creativity as in language or arts. But you are absolutely right about misdirecting kids, trying to actualize the parents dream of education. I think I could have been a good carpenter or painter, back here, everyone wants to be a doctor or engineer. My memory is real bad, so I opted for engineering. On the other hand , it takes a lot of creativity to get recognized and make a decent living. So it makes sense that parents push their children for a more technical education

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  8. I think it is fair to say that we have some very fundamental differences in our life views, but thank you for visiting Sound Bite Fiction, and good luck with your blog.

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  10. Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and for the follow ! Means a lot for a beginner like me who has just got into blogging. From being an introvert to an extremely reluctant writer who has now plunged into public forum with her poetry creations….I am nervous yet excited !

    Your work looks really exciting and I look forward to reading more of your writings. Hope you would keep taking time to read my poems and I would very much appreciate your feedback on them.

    Thanks again and my very best for all your endevours !!

    – Chhaya

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  11. Hello Curry N Code, My Name is David H Haffner and several years ago I had a stroke that was caused by a cardiac arrest. Well, it caused a whole bunch of different and interesting problems, mostly with my short term memory, I started my blog this year as a way to showcase my science projects.

    I know, you may ask how can I do that and forget often enough where I have to keep log books written with as much detail of my daily events as possible? That’s just it, long and hard therapy and force of will in never giving up, I summed it up in my intro post on my site, so I do hope I made this at least curious enough for you to take a look at my site and perhaps we may have something in common and you would like to give me a little shout out 🙂

    This is my site: https://dhaffnersr.blog/

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