I am a huge believer in fate and Karma, one and the same, after 65 years on this planet, Earth, my life I the past 6 weeks has gone from, I must’ve killed 100 Chinamen, to, okay thats great, whats next, and I swear to God, my life has just done a complete flip!

It’s as though everything I touch turns to gold, not really, but life is great, I am living the life!   I couldn’t be happier and I am doing all the things I’ yearned to do for a very long time, like writing, love it ad the more I write, the easier it becomes for me.  I am thrilled for this opportunity from Life Less Ordinary, I think thats right, just read the email, so hoped straight on and here I am, babbling my title head off, life is good, no life is Great!

That yo, I say thank you s very much!