October bloom

I read a poem written by a friend about her longing for her lover and her story inspired me to write this one!

All I want is for YOU to stay with me no matter how hard it is

Sweet is the wait

To see her play mate

She fancies a paradise

Far from world’s cries

In that paradise, she longs to be

Rested on his chest, judgement free

There’s no pointing fingers

There, his fragrance lingers

The smell of his perfume

Circulating in that room

There, they share a drink

Not having twice to think

He fancies a boat ride

From the crowd they’d hide

No more October gloom

With joy, their hearts bloom

Their souls soaring to heights

Though love wouldn’t materialize

They soothe their worries

Creating fond memories

For their hearts to nourish

Something sweet to cherish

They’re best friends forever!

If they had a life to share

She’d be the yeast in his bread

Blue cheese fermented

Wine, bubbling red!



This is written from the perspective of a lover who can’t be with his sweet heart due to their circumstances!

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The passions of his heart

Rising like ocean waves

Raging like a wild fire

Uncontrollable desire

Burning like a pyre

To hold her in his arms

To be rocked in her bosom

To be caressed by his beloved

It felt like heaven

When his sweet heart was near

His heart weeps with hers

That they can’t be together

His emotions spiraled

But his heart reconciled

He had the choicest friend

Better than ten friends combined!


This poem is written from the perspective of a little boy who got a new puppy.

My new puppy, Sirius

He makes me happy

He’s a good playmate

Seldom, he would irritate

We would laugh together

Spend times with each other

I long for his hugs

His loving tugs

He doesn’t ignore my love

Helps me when I am low

I sing him lullabies

He brightens my skies

Sometimes, makes me cry

When I don’t see him

My heart’s light so dim!

A butterfly’s discourse

This poem is written from the perspective of a butterfly, but also could relate to a woman who feels that she is loved only for her looks, but not for the person that she is…..

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You say you know me

It’s a hyperbole

The stark reality

Overwhelming morbidity

Cuts short my life

Pierces like a knife

Beauty so vain

Caused me much pain

I know you well

You loved me for my beauty

Not for who I was

You only saw my beautiful colors

I fluttered along and sipped on flowers

I was a caterpillar that fed on a leaf

Then, I went through some grief

Being stuck in a cocoon

Without seeing the moon

Inside the cocoon, I became a beauty

That gave delight to many

You tried to seize me

But my wings were a boon

Having shades of maroon

They let me escape the snares in the noon

I still cause a few hearts to swoon!

A Gem

I wrote this love poem as a birthday present for my darling husband who is a very compassionate and patient man.  When he finished reading it, he was deeply moved and a bit teary eyed!

Here comes an erudite
Why is he s polite?
Taken by his scintillating wit
I reckoned him as a gift
I took him as one of those nerds
But, alas his mesmerizing words
And his charming look
Pinned my heart on a hook

Fascinated by his serenity
Allured by his humility
I marveled at the intensity
Of his love and compassion
My heart was astir
With passionate love
I will cherish our evening strolls
Moments by the waterfalls
Silly mischiefs in the park
Where we wandered until dark
Those gentle caresses
The feel of his fingers through my tresses
His soft whispers
A delight for my ears
When I rest on his shoulders
I have no cares

In my final moments
I’ll have no laments
I met the best lover
He’s a believer
A respected professor
A wonderful helper
My soulmate, my best friend
A gem of a husband!