Thoughts like wild horses Racing through my mind In my heart is an unquenchable fire Nothing can extinguish its flames My heart is like a raging sea Its waves rising boisterously I am in a tunnel that never ends My eyes in constant search of light The scent of love gives me delight Fragrant like […]

Letting go

My mind was numb Constant rejection made me succumb To a distraction that disturbed my emotions I didn’t have any wrong intentions I know you can hold on strong Even though we don’t talk for long You give melody to my heart’s song This warm feeling, I want to prolong Tantalizing pains, my reward For […]


For my darling husband who stuck by me for the last 24 years….. Friends come and go But you are my true hero The warmth you gave me over the years How you upheld me in my fears Never failing to wipe my tears Faithfully without switching gears The smiles and laughters we share How […]