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There are times in your life, you backslide and lose your devotion to god and family, the ones that love you the most. Instead of spending time with them, you end up with a misconception that social media will meet your emotional needs. Finally, I understood that social media had become an idol in my […]
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Sour like a lime

This is the cry of a married woman who left her country and dear ones to be with her sweetheart. But as years went by, she realizes she was lonely at heart despite her desparate measures to keep herself busy to avoid loneliness and depression. You accused me of not trying You didn’t see me […]
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Sweet nothings

Among the fine people I had met You were one I could never forget You spoke of sweet nothings It evoked warm feelings You smothered me with attention I felt a soul connection I thought you loved me dearly Why did I miss you severely? You gifted me sleepless nights Took away my delights I […]
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The last embrace

This poem is about my dad who passed away 3 years back. I still can’t believe he is no more and I feel depressed when I think about my sweet Papa, the man I first loved. If only, I could fly back in time and give him a hug……

A profound love

A poem on friendship love between best friends…. My love for you is profound Don’t become ecstatic It’s not romantic Try to be pragmatic I am sorry for being eccentric At times you make me neurotic Please forgive me for being immature I can’t seem to change my nature Thank you for being my best […]
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