Within you, there is power Don’t let the enemy devour They will hurl insults Like thunder bolts Don’t show them you’re upset Shed your tears in your closet They’ll try to manipulate When they fail, they’ll humiliate When you are pushed to the limit The Father, Son and Holy Spirit Will come to assist So […]

Through his eyes

When my flesh fails And the smile on my face pales When I walk perilous trails And life feels like rocky sails I look on those piercing nails Which heard the Savior’s wails When my passions haunt When my dear ones taunt When I feel despondent I look at the omnipotent And hope doesn’t disappoint […]

Stone on my heart

On my heart, I placed a stone Controlling my sorrow, I stood alone Like champagne in a bottle I subjected myself to a throttle Like the tight reins that bridle a horse I suppressed myself with immense force I withdrew from the throng for a season To be free from derision I stayed aloof to […]

In his image

I gazed at life’s unending road Carrying a heavy load Groping in the dark in pain My eyes in pursuit of something vain Desolate, I knew not what to aspire Tears had become my attire It’s a dark color to wear When I looked at my face I saw soot from a furnace But, in […]