Outsourcing Via Distributed Agile Teams

http://blog.ekipa.co/wp-content/uploads/2015/10/img.jpg The prospect of practicing agile in a geographically distributed landscape is fraught with challenges, but is not without opportunities. By definition, a distributed development team (sometimes referred to as remote teams or outsourced teams) consists of teams collaborating on a common project separated by cultures, time zones and distance. The potential advantages of distributed... Continue Reading →

“AGILIS” Agile is Scrum

What is Agile? AGILIS or “Agile is Scrum” as the name predicates is Verbat’s take on the Agile methodology with an emphasis on Scrum in the geographically distributed landscape. The potential advantages of distributed development are: Access to a larger pool of skilled talent. Lower development cost. Quicker time to market. Conversely its disadvantages are:... Continue Reading →

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