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Pedophile Priests  Rewarded In Catholic ” Justice ” System..

 Click the link and prepare for a shock. 

Shard or be Shredded

“Bob: So, how do I query the database? IT guy: It’s not a database. It’s a Key-Value store. . . . You write a distributed map-reduce function in Erlang. Bob: Did you just tell me to go **** myself? IT guy: I believe I did, Bob.” —Fault Tolerance cartoon, @jrecursive, 2009 Prelude Relational databases have […]
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12 Oracle Design Consideration

Oracle Design Consideration, Index organized tables, partitioned tables, range partition, list partition, hash partition, composite partition

11 House Keeping in Oracle

House keeping in Oracle: invalid optimizer statistics, buffer gets, Disk Reads

10 Oracle Hints to the Database

Oracle SQL performance tuning. using Hints in the database query

08 Considerations while using PLSQL in programming (Oracle)

Considerations while using PLSQL in programming (Oracle)

07 Performance Improvement Consideration

Oracle Performance Improvement Consideration, union vs OR, Union all vs Union, exist vs IN

06 Index Suppression

Index Suppression in Oracle, operators, sub-strings, Arithmetic operators, Truncate , function based index

05 Simple Tuning Rules

Simple Tuning Rules for Oracle. Where vs having, table aliases

04 Explain Plan

Oracle Explain Plan, Execution Plan,