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Pedophile Priests  Rewarded In Catholic ” Justice ” System..

 Click the link and prepare for a shock. 

Shard or be Shredded

“Bob: So, how do I query the database? IT guy: It’s not a database. It’s a Key-Value store. . . . You write a distributed map-reduce function in Erlang. Bob: Did you just tell me to go **** myself? IT guy: I believe I did, Bob.” —Fault Tolerance cartoon, @jrecursive, 2009 Prelude Relational databases have […]
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12 Oracle Design Consideration

Oracle Design Consideration, Index organized tables, partitioned tables, range partition, list partition, hash partition, composite partition

11 House Keeping in Oracle

House keeping in Oracle: invalid optimizer statistics, buffer gets, Disk Reads

10 Oracle Hints to the Database

Oracle SQL performance tuning. using Hints in the database query