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07 Performance Improvement Consideration

Oracle Performance Improvement Consideration, union vs OR, Union all vs Union, exist vs IN

06 Index Suppression

Index Suppression in Oracle, operators, sub-strings, Arithmetic operators, Truncate , function based index

04 Explain Plan

Oracle Explain Plan, Execution Plan,

03 Accessing Tables

Oracle Accessing Tables, Types o table access

02 Oracle Optimizer and its execution plan

Oracle Optimizer and its execution plan, cost based optimizer, execution plan. statistics, SQL tuning tools

Dock the DevOps out of it !!!!

How Docker optimizes a DevOps Ecosystem

Enterprise Architecture for the Digital Economy (In English)

  With the advent of the digital economy, we find ourselves barraged with vast amounts of information readily available at our fingertips. Boundary-less Information Flow™, the vision of the Open Group, is more significant than ever from the macroeconomics of connected markets to the microeconomics of social media, mobile services & wearables. Digitization has greatly […]
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