Pipe Dreams

When you are young, you have big dreams. Dreams that place you on a pedestal where you are the center of the universe. Then you grow up and you realize that little by little they are shredded from your essence. You watch your friends reach places, but no matter what you try, your life is filled with obstacles and stumbling blocks. You try to fast track and take shortcuts only to realize that you went back three times over.

Middle age forces you to reconcile and take stock of your life. You realize by now that dreams are not for everyone and you push forward bravely, not knowing what lies ahead. You are angry, mostly at yourself for all the foolish things you allowed yourself to do. You would think that you would have learned from those mistakes by now, but you haven’t.

You are frustrated; you don’t understand how most people have picture perfect lives. They always do the right things, say the right things and they always make the right decisions. You realize that you are special. You are so special!!! The bad seed that needs to be cast away. You are everywhere, but no one remembers you. You were a wallflower at the party. No one misses you!!!

But it’s OK. You don’t have to be the life of the party. You don’t have to be remembered either. Your lessness teaches you humility. You see through the vanity. Your failure teaches you to re-prioritize, to truly understand the things that really matter in life. You don’t need the latest and greatest to adorn your ego. You may be fragile in the eyes of the world, but you learn to depend. You learn to trust in the things that the eye cant see. Even with your fragmented and perilous character, you still have infinite hope; but it’s not the same hope as before.

You learn to appreciate the lesser things in life. Your eyes become open. It sees the sadness of strangers, the madness in people, whimpers of little children, the loneliness of widows.

A little goes a long way. You want to do a little to ease their lives.

“There is hope”, you say to yourself. You rinse and repeat that mantra.

No one needs to know who you are or what you did. The small relief that you ushered into the least of humanity is your legacy.

“Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me” (Matthew 25:40, 45, NIV).



He gave his best
He toiled without rest
To make ends meet
So his dear ones could eat
But he took to extremes
Didn’t hear her screams
She was crying inside
Wanted him beside
Her changes in mood
Was due to her childhood
She was an orphan
Who craved for love often
She got frustrated
Her desires not satiated
She lived up to her name
Serenity was her game

But one day, she exploded
Their relation had corroded
They were not in accord
She wanted to break the cord
The law was in her favor
She got to keep her baby dear
He felt isolated
His efforts unappreciated
After twelve long years
He left them with tears

Her fibs had caused friction
Her ambition led to tension
He was heartbroken
Filled with indignation
His sorrow inconsolable
His pain intolerable
Upon reminiscing the past
He felt he came last

The love of a mother
An angel like sister
Kept him alive
They taught him to strive
He learned to survive
He didn’t care for fame
He fulfilled his name
He got on his feet
Didn’t accept defeat
In his brokenness
He trusted in God’s faithfulness
He saw God’s providence
And built up his confidence

He got respect in his career
Success in his endeavors
Happily, he lives his life
Free of strife
Though he is alone
Joy is his crown!

Originally posted @ Ria’s Arts


A Damsel in distress
She did not repress
Stuck by an epiphany
She rushed to Bethany
Burdened by her sin
Mary Magdalene
Clung to Jesus’ feet
Her tears washed it wet
His towel her tresses
His feet covered in kisses

At Simon’s abode
On the Lord, she poured
A perfume of nard
An alabaster full
The crowd was resentful
“That’s one year’s wages
This is outrageous!
Give it to the destitute”
Their observations were astute

Then said the master
“That perfume she poured
was to prepare for my burial
This feeling is surreal!
You will always have the poor
But not me, for sure
She did what she could
A beautiful deed to be told
All throughout the world
When the Gospel is preached”

– A poem by Maria Joseph

Embers of Love

The longings of my soul
An oblivion to all
The sobs of my heart
You’ve seen only in part
Will your heart bow
To the embers of my love?
My love for you can’t be contained
My brain needs to be trained
To stop this restlessness
Why do I Obsess?
I resent your busyness
unaffected is my fondness

Put an end to my restraints
Just listen to my complaints
I am bereft of slumber
With mild expressions of anger
Rend my heart to see
My desperate plea
Take me to a state of glee
To a world of dreams, I want to flee
Where you and I can talk for hours
Those moments will just be ours
When you satiate my thirst
And for a while, I’d be first
Your compliments, I treasure
Your presence gives me pleasure
you are my gift from heaven
In you, I find a safe haven

-A poem by Maria Joseph

The Enticement

With lascivious eyes
Lustful whispers and sights
Expressions mesmerizing
And words enticing
She wooed him to adultery
He fled from debauchery
Not listening to flattery
Giving God the glory!

She was capricious
But also tenacious
Daily she lured him
He gave not to her whim
She waited for a chance
Wouldn’t snap out of her trance
But one day, she caught up to him
She said “Come to bed with me”

He refused her command
Left his cloak in her hand
When the master came
She played a game
He listened to her claim
On Joseph, she laid the blame
She showed him the cloak
His anger awoke

The slave was confined
But God was with him
He exalted the Hebrew
Released him from shackles
made him a blessing
A revealer of dreams
A savior of the land
A tool in God’s hand!

A poem by Maria Joseph