Pedophile Priests  Rewarded In Catholic ” Justice ” System..


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Christmas Gifts 2016

This is just a trip down memory lane for my kids, If they ever happen to stop by.
I am hoping that you received these gifts. They were all send to the pastor of the Church you attend (Mr. Daniel Davidson) when you were in 4th and 5th grade. I am guessing you received the gifts even though I have no confirmation of any sort.  I am really tired of having to go talk to different people to get some information on you, so I am ceasing all efforts to communicate with you, because the powers that be does not want that to happen.

I am sure by now, you will only have a vague memory of me, that is most likely littered with character defamation’s.  If it is in GOD’s will, you may get a chance to know me, if not, it’s still in GOD’s immaculate will. Till that time, goodbye.

$125 Gift-card for Anaiah (Daughter)

$125 Gift-card for Anaiah (Daughter)

$200 gift card for wife

$200 gift card for wife


Everland All-In-One Skate Tools (Y-Green)


Mongoose BMX Bike Gel Knee and Elbow Pad Set


Long board and accessories worth $125 for Aaron


Bones Bearings Reds Bearings (8 Pack w/ Spacers & Washers & Speed Cream)

The day after

Christmas used to be fun when when I was young, but as I grew older, it has lost its magic and allure. For the last couple of years it has been anything but remarkable. One cannot enjoy Christmas with out being surrounded by people, children, family, gifts & fire works.

This Christmas it was just me and my mom taking turns staring at empty walls. I was hoping that I would receive some pics of my kids as a Christmas present, but that was not to be. Never mind the gifts I brought for them without even having a proper address to send to. I eventually got the address of the church that they attend.

I do not know how bachelors survive into their old age. I find it boring and depressing. So I am really not enjoying this phase of my life…. especially because my children are reaching out towards the cusp of adulthood.

Anyway Christmas is overpriced and oversold.  No one enjoys Christmas more that retailers and profiteers.






Is Masturbation a Sin?

Masturbation is built on a self-centered view of sex. This wrong attitude says that sex is solely about you and your pleasure. Your body. Your genitals. Your orgasm. This is the natural tendency of sin. It isolates us from others and makes pleasure self-focused. When our lustful desires are given free rein, sex is pushed into a corner and made a completely self-centered, isolated experience that reinforces a self-centered view of life.

The answer to this question isn’t lacking for opinions. Some people would say that masturbation is normal and amoral, while others believe masturbation is always wrong—i.e. a real moral issue.

How might we assess these various opinions?

First, as Christians we certainly wouldn’t align with the view that masturbation is amoral. We may concede that it’s normal, but that doesn’t put it outside the question of right and wrong. Obviously, when lust enters the picture we’re dealing with a real moral issue.

Some would argue that masturbation is permissible for the pubescent or pre-married individual as long as they don’t lust after another person. In fact, some believe it’s okay for a man to masturbate, in particular (and not to be crude) in order to release a sperm buildup, assuming he doesn’t lust in the process. Obviously, there are innocent acts of masturbation for children who are in the self-discovery stage. As parents we don’t want our children to think there’s anything wrong with figuring out their anatomy or having a simple case of the curiosities. But that’s mere child’s play. And probably shouldn’t even be labeled masturbation. It has nothing to do with lust because the kids I’m referring to haven’t even reached puberty.

Then there are those who have reached puberty and still masturbate—even regularly. Is this wise? I don’t think so. It’s a little like playing with fire. Just because our body feels the need for a certain type of release doesn’t mean we should cave in to our desires. As humans we have many desires in life, and nothing will erode our discipline quicker than constantly giving in to our desires. I’d rather offer my advice on the side of caution versus give a free pass in the name of some sexual release.

While I can understand how a pre-pubescent child may have innocently masturbated and even continued to do so without lusting into puberty, my fear is that if he continues with this behavior it’ll only be a matter of time before he begins connecting his lusts to masturbation. When this connection feels like the perfect match, he may end up with some real challenges.

With these thoughts in mind, let me offer a few warnings.

First, realize that masturbation exhibits a lack of self-control. According to the Bible, self-control is a virtue, and is even described as a fruit of the Spirit (Galatians 5:22-23). Many people are controlled by their next episode of masturbation. Christ doesn’t want us mastered by anything but Him!

Secondly, masturbation can cultivate a self-centered and pleasure-seeking appetite that warps one’s view of biblical sex. That’s a frightening thought and should cause us to reserve all forms of sexual pleasure for marital love.

Thought to Ponder
Masturbation ultimately weakens the will, warps the mind, and wrecks one’s emotions.

Memory Verse
This is the will of God, your sanctification: that you abstain from sexual immorality; that each one of you know how to control his own body in holiness and honor (1 Thessalonians 4:3-4).

One-Minute Apologist Video:  Bobby Conway, “Is Masturbation a Sin?”



Dr. Ida, India

A posterity shall serve Him. It will be recounted of the Lord to the next generation.
Psalm 22:30

While calling on a patient, Dr. John Scudder saw a small book on the table. The authors, two American missionaries in Bombay, set forth the challenge of reaching the world for Christ. The Lord spoke to Scudder through that book, and he became America’s first medical missionary to India. That’s not all. His children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren followed him. In all, four generations and 42 members of the Scudder family devoted more than 1,100 years to missionary service.

Dr. Scudder’s granddaughter, Ida, decided to buck the tradition, and she returned to America to settle down. But while back in India visiting her parents, she grew burdened for the people and she, too, became a renowned missionary physician. She was so beloved that one day in the mail she found an envelope bearing only the words, “Dr. Ida, India.” In a nation of 300 million at that time, the Indian postal service knew exactly where to deliver the letter.

We need families today like the Scudders, and we need daughters like Dr. Ida, full of conviction and courage for Christ. Let’s set the example!