Pipe Dreams

When you are young, you have big dreams. Dreams that place you on a pedestal where you are the center of the universe. Then you grow up and you realize that little by little they are shredded from your essence. You watch your friends reach places, but no matter what you try, your life is filled with obstacles and stumbling blocks. You try to fast track and take shortcuts only to realize that you went back three times over.

Middle age forces you to reconcile and take stock of your life. You realize by now that dreams are not for everyone and you push forward bravely, not knowing what lies ahead. You are angry, mostly at yourself for all the foolish things you allowed yourself to do. You would think that you would have learned from those mistakes by now, but you haven’t.

You are frustrated; you don’t understand how most people have picture perfect lives. They always do the right things, say the right things and they always make the right decisions. You realize that you are special. You are so special!!! The bad seed that needs to be cast away. You are everywhere, but no one remembers you. You were a wallflower at the party. No one misses you!!!

But it’s OK. You don’t have to be the life of the party. You don’t have to be remembered either. Your lessness teaches you humility. You see through the vanity. Your failure teaches you to re-prioritize, to truly understand the things that really matter in life. You don’t need the latest and greatest to adorn your ego. You may be fragile in the eyes of the world, but you learn to depend. You learn to trust in the things that the eye cant see. Even with your fragmented and perilous character, you still have infinite hope; but it’s not the same hope as before.

You learn to appreciate the lesser things in life. Your eyes become open. It sees the sadness of strangers, the madness in people, whimpers of little children, the loneliness of widows.

A little goes a long way. You want to do a little to ease their lives.

“There is hope”, you say to yourself. You rinse and repeat that mantra.

No one needs to know who you are or what you did. The small relief that you ushered into the least of humanity is your legacy.

“Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me” (Matthew 25:40, 45, NIV).


A Gem

I wrote this love poem as a birthday present for my darling husband who is a very compassionate and patient man.  When he finished reading it, he was deeply moved and a bit teary eyed!

Here comes an erudite
Why is he s polite?
Taken by his scintillating wit
I reckoned him as a gift
I took him as one of those nerds
But, alas his mesmerizing words
And his charming look
Pinned my heart on a hook

Fascinated by his serenity
Allured by his humility
I marveled at the intensity
Of his love and compassion
My heart was astir
With passionate love
I will cherish our evening strolls
Moments by the waterfalls
Silly mischiefs in the park
Where we wandered until dark
Those gentle caresses
The feel of his fingers through my tresses
His soft whispers
A delight for my ears
When I rest on his shoulders
I have no cares

In my final moments
I’ll have no laments
I met the best lover
He’s a believer
A respected professor
A wonderful helper
My soulmate, my best friend
A gem of a husband!


Someday you’ll see
Deep inside me
A stinging pain within me lingers
Unaware of my pangs of hunger
You vanish into the crowd
Should I cry aloud?
From you, my sobs are hidden
My heart heavy laden
You’d say I am obsessing
If I start confessing
My desire to be with you
The least you could do
Is to write a line
To ask if I am fine
My muffled moans
Unknown to dear ones
My tears concealed
So it may not be revealed
That I am desperate
Your passivity will obliterate
The joy of this gem
Am I just one among them?
Or do you regard me as the best?
One day, I will finish this quest


This poem is written from the perspective of a hard-working career woman, who is also a mom and feels like a slave having to cook, clean, shop and do all the chores aside from the work at her job and still not being able to relax her mind, since she is being blamed for being hooked on social media.  At this point, she is desperate to connect with friends and feels unloved and unappreciated and wants to rebel!

I feel stifled, suffocated
I’ve been defeated
No more will I tolerate
I need an advocate
If I drench myself in wine
Would it release me from pain?
I tried religion
But ended up with a legion
Anger, insomnia, and agony
Are some among the many!
Depression, my companion
Unceasing, it lurks on
Push me to the grave
I can’t pretend to be brave
I feel like a slave
Affection, I crave

I run like a horse
Doing all the chores
I don’t count my scores
I’m filled with remorse
Loneliness is shriveling
Though I have everything

Your love so passive
Yet, so possessive
I want to rise above the horizon
Fly away from this prison
I can’t quit socializing
Please stop harassing
It’s my way of relaxing
After long hours of toiling
So my loved ones can be fed
My feet are tired
Due to long hours of standing
You can go on ranting
But I’ve learned to ignore
I don’t care anymore!

Originally posted @ Ria’s Arts

Cast Away

Often we have an instant liking to someone or something, but later we find out that the object of our love is not all that we want it to be. So we ignore them or give it away to someone else. In this poem, the gem relates to a person or thing that you instantly liked, but later started disliking due to his/her behavior or characteristics. When people disappoint us, we shouldn’t ignore them, rather try to understand their circumstances and accommodate them. “Love covers a multitude of sins”.

On my table lay many a gem
I grabbed a beautiful one among them
I appreciated her for a while
Soon to find out she’s not in style
I ripped her open
To see what would happen
To my disappointment
I found her inconsistent
I cast her down
To the depths of the ocean
Not caring to hear her supplication
The gem was sad
But didn’t utter a word
She waited and waited
Till she finally realized
She was just an amusement
A time passing engagement
I loved her resplendence
But loathed her transparence
The gem found more admirers
They took away her remorse
She felt appreciated
Daily rejuvenated
Great was my relief
No more I need to deal with her grief!

Originally posted @ Ria’s Arts