A vow

Often, we get attracted to someone and almost give in, until we realize that as Christians, we should stick to our vow of being faithful to our partners and exercise self-control and not give in to our passions. You try to awaken my emotions But you have no notion I’ve gone through the motions My […]

A Gem: A poem by Maria Joseph

A Gem

I wrote this love poem as a birthday present for my darling husband who is a very compassionate and patient man.  When he finished reading it, he was deeply moved and a bit teary eyed! Here comes an erudite Why is he s polite? Taken by his scintillating wit I reckoned him as a gift […]

Quest: A poem by Maria Joseph


Someday you’ll see Deep inside me A stinging pain within me lingers Unaware of my pangs of hunger You vanish into the crowd Should I cry aloud? From you, my sobs are hidden My heart heavy laden You’d say I am obsessing If I start confessing My desire to be with you The least you […]