This is written from the perspective of a lover who can’t be with his sweet heart due to their circumstances! The passions of his heart Rising like ocean waves Raging like a wild fire Uncontrollable desire Burning like a pyre To hold her in his arms To be rocked in her bosom To be caressed […]


This poem is written from the perspective of a little boy who got a new puppy. My new puppy, Sirius He makes me happy He’s a good playmate Seldom, he would irritate We would laugh together Spend times with each other I long for his hugs His loving tugs He doesn’t ignore my love Helps […]


This void in my heart Infinite chasm, beyond repair looking inward where does this pain come from? secret lies and hidden thoughts A morbid disease of the soul in a desert of lascivious pride black is the color of my true love perfidious, feckless, fickle Vegetating in this slump Wallowing in the wastelands of imperfect […]