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October bloom

I read a poem written by a friend about her longing for her lover and her story inspired me to write this one! Sweet is the wait To see her play mate She fancies a paradise Far from world’s cries In that paradise, she longs to be Rested on his chest, judgement free There’s no […]
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This is written from the perspective of a lover who can’t be with his sweet heart due to their circumstances! The passions of his heart Rising like ocean waves Raging like a wild fire Uncontrollable desire Burning like a pyre To hold her in his arms To be rocked in her bosom To be caressed […]
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This poem is written from the perspective of a little boy who got a new puppy. My new puppy, Sirius He makes me happy He’s a good playmate Seldom, he would irritate We would laugh together Spend times with each other I long for his hugs His loving tugs He doesn’t ignore my love Helps […]
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A butterfly’s discourse

This poem is written from the perspective of a butterfly, but also could relate to a woman who feels that she is loved only for her looks, but not for the person that she is….. You say you know me It’s a hyperbole The stark reality Overwhelming morbidity Cuts short my life Pierces like a […]
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Yesterday, we were Today, we are Tomorrow, an uncertainty, A dream to be. As for man, A blade of grass When the wind passes He vanishes, his memory naught We dance with abandon, Our feet serenading – The sands of time, The grand old serpent Ever curious and thirsty We’ve claimed this rock Named and […]
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Thank You!!!

The delightful flowers A multitude of colors The fluttering butterflies Brilliant blue skies And morning sunrise A feast for my eyes! The bird’s that sing They’ve no suffering The majestic mountains Grand among creations The sound of the oceans Relieves my tensions Friends that care When I despair A brother’s dare To stay in prayer […]
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This void in my heart Infinite chasm, beyond repair looking inward where does this pain come from? secret lies and hidden thoughts A morbid disease of the soul in a desert of lascivious pride black is the color of my true love perfidious, feckless, fickle Vegetating in this slump Wallowing in the wastelands of imperfect […]
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Ghost : He Is (Lyrics Revisited)

We’re standing by the tree of life in God’s garden of Eden We’re children born of hallowed love our names, etched in his heart He is El elyon, el shadai, the Lord our righteousness And he is El Olam, Adonai, the lord who sanctifies He is Jehovah Jireh Jehovah sabaoth He is we are hiding […]
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Ghost : Bible lyrics revisited

Christening the Bible song by the satanic band “Ghost”

An ode to my father

An Ode to my father