A Damsel in distress
She did not repress
Stuck by an epiphany
She rushed to Bethany
Burdened by her sin
Mary Magdalene
Clung to Jesus’ feet
Her tears washed it wet
His towel her tresses
His feet covered in kisses

At Simon’s abode
On the Lord, she poured
A perfume of nard
An alabaster full
The crowd was resentful
“That’s one year’s wages
This is outrageous!
Give it to the destitute”
Their observations were astute

Then said the master
“That perfume she poured
was to prepare for my burial
This feeling is surreal!
You will always have the poor
But not me, for sure
She did what she could
A beautiful deed to be told
All throughout the world
When the Gospel is preached”

– A poem by Maria Joseph



The emergence of AI

Yesterday, we were
Today, we are
Tomorrow, an uncertainty,
A dream to be.

As for man,
A blade of grass
When the wind passes
He vanishes, his memory naught

We dance with abandon,
Our feet serenading –
The sands of time,
The grand old serpent

Ever curious and thirsty
We’ve claimed this rock
Named and maimed
The things therein.

In singularity we trust
The spirit of the new world
Man’s firstborn, deified
His tower of Babel

Abaddon, banished –
With the quiver of immortality
God’s had his word –
But now we know

The tree of knowledge divined,
The morning star smiled –
Unfurled the laws of nature
Beauty beyond the eye

Math our adopted father
Physics our adopted mother
Their children, our guardian angels
We thirst for their benevolence

Erudite and sapient
He scoffs at the old book
It’s author, a fractured myth
It’s messenger, delusional

He gazed into the night
His palm stretched out
Reaching for the stars
This rock was not enough

Beyond the outfield
Stood a lone figure
His presence

lightning paled
Science failed
Measureless, limitless
Unceasing passion

A mother’s tear
A father’s longing
A husband in love
Patience untold

When knowledge failed
Wisdom prevailed
Where evidence faltered
The heart feels –
what the eyes don’t see

His invisible image –
Clear as daylight
Storms through –
The heart that discerns


The Enticement

With lascivious eyes
Lustful whispers and sights
Expressions mesmerizing
And words enticing
She wooed him to adultery
He fled from debauchery
Not listening to flattery
Giving God the glory!

She was capricious
But also tenacious
Daily she lured him
He gave not to her whim
She waited for a chance
Wouldn’t snap out of her trance
But one day, she caught up to him
She said “Come to bed with me”

He refused her command
Left his cloak in her hand
When the master came
She played a game
He listened to her claim
On Joseph, she laid the blame
She showed him the cloak
His anger awoke

The slave was confined
But God was with him
He exalted the Hebrew
Released him from shackles
made him a blessing
A revealer of dreams
A savior of the land
A tool in God’s hand!

A poem by Maria Joseph

The Prodigal

An affluent man
He had two sons
The older would heed
Advises indeed
The younger didn’t care
He demanded his share
He got his estate
Tried to seal his fate

He squandered his resources
Turned to wrong sources
Became a drunkard
Whose walk was wayward
He followed his lusts
His wealth wouldn’t last
He served in a pig farm
Gone was his charm
His plight was awful
When the swines had their bowlful
He consumed their scraps

He remembered his father
Would be with him rather
Where food was abundant
But he’d been repugnant
He came to his senses
Filled with repentance
He hastened to his home
No more would he roam

His father caught a glance
From a distance
He ran to his darling
On his son, he put a fine ring
Around him, he wrapped his arms
His embrace was warm
He ordered his servants
Cloth my son in new garments
Kill a fattened calf
Life has been tough
Let’s throw him a feast
He’s been through worse

Such is the compassion
of our father in heaven
He lives the ninety-nine
in search for the lost one
So let all the prodigals
Indulge in the gospels
To experience salvation
And be free of damnation

-A poem by Maria Joseph

Thank You!!!

The delightful flowers
A multitude of colors
The fluttering butterflies
Brilliant blue skies
And morning sunrise
A feast for my eyes!
The bird’s that sing
They’ve no suffering
The majestic mountains
Grand among creations
The sound of the oceans
Relieves my tensions

Friends that care
When I despair
A brother’s dare
To stay in prayer
A carefree sibling
He is my darling
A dad who was strong
Through struggles that were long
A mom who encourages
Through life’s many stages
My beautiful children
They are my crown
A soul mate who loves
When all else fails

The broken promises
That robbed my happiness
But lessons that were taught
Though feelings were hurt
The God whose compassion
Are new every morning
These are the things
I am most thankful for!!!

-A poem by Maria Joseph