A vow

Often, we get attracted to someone and almost give in, until we realize that as Christians, we should stick to our vow of being faithful to our partners and exercise self-control and not give in to our passions. You try to awaken my emotions But you have no notion I’ve gone through the motions My […]


This is written from the perspective of a lover who can’t be with his sweet heart due to their circumstances! The passions of his heart Rising like ocean waves Raging like a wild fire Uncontrollable desire Burning like a pyre To hold her in his arms To be rocked in her bosom To be caressed […]


This poem is written from the perspective of a little boy who got a new puppy. My new puppy, Sirius He makes me happy He’s a good playmate Seldom, he would irritate We would laugh together Spend times with each other I long for his hugs His loving tugs He doesn’t ignore my love Helps […]