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Sweet nothings

Among the fine people I had met You were one I could never forget You spoke of sweet nothings It evoked warm feelings You smothered me with attention I felt a soul connection I thought you loved me dearly Why did I miss you severely? You gifted me sleepless nights Took away my delights I […]
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The last embrace

This poem is about my dad who passed away 3 years back. I still can’t believe he is no more and I feel depressed when I think about my sweet Papa, the man I first loved. If only, I could fly back in time and give him a hug……

A profound love

A poem on friendship love between best friends…. My love for you is profound Don’t become ecstatic It’s not romantic Try to be pragmatic I am sorry for being eccentric At times you make me neurotic Please forgive me for being immature I can’t seem to change my nature Thank you for being my best […]
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A bird’s cry

Sometimes, we go through a phase when our dear ones ignore us in the hustle and bustle of life’s busyness.  But at times, they see your cries and show that they do care…… I was done being nice I wouldn’t fall on my knees I had given many tries To strengthen our heart’s ties A […]
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A vow

Often, we get attracted to someone and almost give in, until we realize that as Christians, we should stick to our vow of being faithful to our partners and exercise self-control and not give in to our passions. You try to awaken my emotions But you have no notion I’ve gone through the motions My […]
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This poem is about a married woman who fell in love with her friend who helped her raise her self esteem when she was feeling low. Later, she realizes that she is wrong and tries not to nourish the love and passion she feels for her friend. She remembers her husband’s devotion and decides to […]
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For the longest time in my life, I was addicted to sugar.  This poem is about my sweet tooth.  Sugar is one of the things I can’t live without…. I know too much of it would kill me, so setting a limit would be the best option for me to be happy. I am not […]
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This poem is about someone who is separated from his better half.  While he is trying to forget her, he feels thirsty for her love.  He feels like a desert with none to nourish him emotionally. He felt like a parched land With none to hold his hand Like a desert devoid of rains He […]
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October bloom

I read a poem written by a friend about her longing for her lover and her story inspired me to write this one! Sweet is the wait To see her play mate She fancies a paradise Far from world’s cries In that paradise, she longs to be Rested on his chest, judgement free There’s no […]
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This is written from the perspective of a lover who can’t be with his sweet heart due to their circumstances! The passions of his heart Rising like ocean waves Raging like a wild fire Uncontrollable desire Burning like a pyre To hold her in his arms To be rocked in her bosom To be caressed […]
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