I cannot pen it down On me, you lay a crown At times, you make me frown Your absence causes me to groan I wait in expectation Can’t explain this emotion With you, my soul longs to be Thoughts of you captivate me I’d flee to you and cry If I had wings to fly... Continue Reading →


Yesterday, we were Today, we are Tomorrow, an uncertainty, A dream to be. As for man, A blade of grass When the wind passes He vanishes, his memory naught We dance with abandon, Our feet serenading - The sands of time, The grand old serpent Ever curious and thirsty We've claimed this rock Named and... Continue Reading →

The parable of the talents…..

We are closing in the on the holidays already which doesn’t seem possible.  Soon we will be in the season of Advent in the church, a season of waiting and anticipation of Christ’s return.  Like last week’s scripture, today’s scripture is about what we do while we wait for Christ’s return.  Today’s scripture is titled,... Continue Reading →

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