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TRIPTYKON – Aurorae (Ear Worm)

This mind is tired of war Of misery and pain A spirit wasting away Like rivers to the sea A spirit wasting away In this agony Unable to breathe Calm rivals fear On this earth Beneath A spirit wasting away In this misery The weariness of days A life turned relict Nothing else remains A […]
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Ear Worm: Amorphis – You I need

I was born as all the world here was born As tones, words and stories of the primeval song I need no bow, I need no sword My kingship’s known to gods Let their song go on I need you to be the guide The mirror to the sky and sea Portray all above and […]
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Red – Pieces (Lyrics+Video)

Once upon a time this was me. This is a shout out to everyone who got a second chance. Not all of us get to be this lucky… Most of us just fade away… lost and forgotten I’m here again A thousand miles away from you A broken mess, just scattered pieces of who I […]
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Today’s Ear-worm: Hymn for the Missing – Red Lyrics

Tried to walk together But the night was growing dark Thought you were beside me But I reached and you were gone Sometimes I hear you calling From some lost and distant shore I hear you crying softly For the way it was before Where are you now? Are you lost? Will I find you […]
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Ghost : He Is (Lyrics Revisited)

We’re standing by the tree of life in God’s garden of Eden We’re children born of hallowed love our names, etched in his heart He is El elyon, el shadai, the Lord our righteousness And he is El Olam, Adonai, the lord who sanctifies He is Jehovah Jireh Jehovah sabaoth He is we are hiding […]
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Ghost : Bible lyrics revisited

Christening the Bible song by the satanic band “Ghost”

Demon Hunter – I will fail you

Demon Hunter : I will fail you
A great Poem and hymn
Christian Heavy Metal

One For Sorrow

I am the last The one who holds on past Clinging on something we used to have I am the last The one who chose this path To walk among the world of shadows Always one for sorrow Never one for love Two souls destined to failure Right from the start It was always one […]
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Watch this and kill yourself

Stolen Life : Arch Enemy

Have you ever felt like you were being demonized??? Everything so clear now It’s written on your face In a world within a world I can smell the bridges burn Sharks ever circling They never go away In these dark, murky waters So hard to navigate and so easy to hate Paint me black, demonize […]
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